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Thank u I have been some major sleep problems. I don't drink caffeine drinks. I do struggle with som back and neck problems and I have a stimulator for the lower back I have nothing for the neck and there wanting. To take 2 bulged discs with bone spurs so he wanting to go through my the front of my throat and fuse them together and I just had gallbladder surgery it wasnt working and I'm still not heald completely from that and I knew there were alot of thing I could not eat when it was functioning and now still can't eat them and they r the fried, spicy, fatty foods. Lettuce and I put off the testing for years just going by ultrasound and figured since I have no stones then it was still working. I was going every 3 to 6 months to the ER and thought it was just my naughty stumach being bad but I wouldn't have heartburn for days and I thought it was just me not wanting to take so many meds. Apparently it was that until I went and stayed about a week in the hospital came home and struggled all night with being sick of my stomach and the pain and then puking everything up the evening before went back in and they got it out out on Monday.. And I ate something Which was out of normal for me and I threw it all back up a few hours later. Sorry for the misspelled words I'm writing this on my iPod and spell check has a mind of it's own. Lol


MY iPod left out some parts. Hope u get the just of it. I swear I'm not that stupid. Lol


I agree that darkness in the bedroom will improve your sleeping pattern. I would also encourage others to take out the television in the bedrooms. The bedroom has two purposes: sleep and sex.

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